International Journal of Medical Science and Dental Research

Volume 3 Issue 2 (May - june 2020)

    • Laparoscopic repair versus open repair for perforated peptic ulcers
      Is figure of eight suture safe?
      Aim : Recent meta-analysis comparing laparoscopic repair and repair with open method were indecisive about the preference of a certain method. The aim is to compare the results of our patients who have undergone laparoscopic or open PUP repair and to investigate if it’s safe to close PUP area by easy-to-apply figure of eight suture. Material and method: The patients who were operated laparoscopically or by open method for peptic ulcus perforation between June 2012 and December 2018 were included in this retrospective study. Omentoplasty was done after the primary repair of PUP focus in open method cases. Omentoplasty was done by figure of eight suture in laparoscopic cases. The age and sex of the patients, type of operation, duration of operation, follow up period, duration of hospital stay, time to return to normal activities, post-op early and late complications were examined. Exclusion criteria was as follows: Iatrogenic perforations, traumatic perforations, perforations with bleeding, ASA IV patients, late cases who were symptomatic >24 hours, patients with a perforation focus >1 cm. Results: A total of 49 patients were included into study; 42 of them were male (85,7%) and 7 female (14.3%). Laparoscopy was used in 27 patients (55.1%) and open method in 22 (44.9%). In 3 patients (6.1%) wound site infection, in 1 patient (2.1%) subileus, in 1 patient (2.1%) incisional hernia, in 1 patient trocar site (2.1%) hernia have been observed. Wound site infection, subileus, incisional hernia and trocar site hernia were compared according to the type of operation and there was no significant difference. Duration of hospital stay (4,7±1,2 days) was shorter with laparoscopic method compared to open method (6,1±1,3 days) (p=:0,001). Similarly, by laparoscopic method return to work (11,30±1,75 days) was shorter than open method (20,59±2,42 days ) (p<0,001).. Conclusion:
      Laparascopic PPU treatment is a safe method. It can be applied safely with easy-to-apply figure of eight suture in uncomplicated cases.

      Keywords: Laparoscopicrepair, Perforatedpepticulcer, Simple closure

      • Effectiveness of e- learning among college students on knowledge regarding COVID – 19
        Background:Novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) originated from China has rapidly crossed borders, infecting people throughout the whole world. Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of e - learning on knowledge regarding COVID-19 among college students. Methods: One group pre-test and post-test design was used to assess the effectiveness of e-learning on knowledge regarding COVID-19 among the college students of locally selected degree colleges of Rajahmundry, nonprobability convenient sampling technique was used to select the sample. In the present study, sample consisted of 50-degree college students, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. Results: This study results shows that in pre-test 48(96%) college students had moderate knowledge and only 2 (4%) had adequate knowledge. This knowledge is gained mainly through mass media, and post-test reveals that 41(82%) had adequate knowledge and only 9 (18%) had moderate knowledge. This was also evident that the knowledge of the participant improved significantly after e-learning programme on COVID-19. Conclusion: The study concludes that the knowledge regarding COVID-19 among the college students, e- learning programme on COVID-19 was effective in improving knowledge regarding COVID-19 among college students. Although the government has taken major steps to educate the public and limit the spread of the disease, more effort is needed to educate and support the public.

        Keywords: COVID-19, e-learning, knowledge, College students, WHO,CDC

        • Educational Affect About Triage Against Nurses Ability In Implementing Triage In Emergency Room Palembang Hospital
          Background:Based on data obtained from the emergency room at Palembang Hospital, the number of emergency room visits in 2019 was 7,444 visits. This research was conducted in February - March 2020. The population of this study was nurses in the Emergency Room at the Hospital in Palembang.This study used an experimental method with a quasi-experimental research technique with a Pre-Post Test Design research design. Results of research on the Effects of Education on Triage Against Knowledge in the Implementation of Triage in the Emergency Room of the Hospital of Palembang Hospital, the results of the t test statistic test the average value of the pre test was 60.19 with a percentage of 62.5%, had a good level of knowledge, 25, 0% have a sufficient level of knowledge, 12.5% have less knowledge. The average value of the post test was 66.75 with a percentage of 81.25% having a good level of knowledge, 12.5% having a sufficient level of knowledge, 6.25% having a low level of knowledge. Palembang Hospital is expected to continue to improve nurses' knowledge through various training and seminars on triage.

          Keywords: Pengetahuan, Perawat, Triage.